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Celebrating and sharing the legacy of William Morris and Emery Walker

In this exciting partnership project between William Morris Society and Emery Walker Trust, we aim to bring the lives, influences and work of these two remarkable men to a wider audience. The project involves essential repairs and renovations to Walker’s house at 7 Hammersmith Terrace and improvements to allow much greater public access to this amazing interior and its collections; improvements to storage and important archives and their access at Kelmscott House; and a whole range of participatory and volunteering initiatives and activities. The spirit of these two men and their work and passions given pride of place – at the heart of their homes
in Hammersmith.

We were delighted to learn just before Christmas last year that our bid to Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for funding (just over £631,000) for the project was successful, which allowed us to embark on this thrilling adventure in January. HLF funds are complemented by awards from charitable trusts and foundations – Garfield Weston Foundation, Ashley Family Foundation, Ernest Cook Trust and others. With 85% of the total £1m raised and the capital phase secured, we can now redouble our efforts to raise the remainder. This will enable a full programme of learning and participatory activity from 2016, whilst the building refurbishments are underway.

The first major task is not only to prepare and protect our unique archives and collections for building works at both houses, but to begin the process of recording and digitising them for a new online searchable database. This will ensure full access to the rich collections and their stories through technology: for research and study, or for enjoyment and curiosity. We are currently recruiting an Archivist to lead this process with us – further information can be downloaded here

To know more about the project and the opportunities it holds, please contact Project Manager Simon Daykin. More information as the project unfolds will appear on this site. For more information on 7 Hammersmith Terrace and Emery Walker please visit the Emery Walker Trust website.

Heritage Lotter Fund